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Hi! I am Kaori. It has been a big challenge for me to find proper shoe storage since I came to live in the U.S.  Growing up in Japan, where we take off shoes at the Genkan (the entrance) and put them in Getabako (Japanese shoe cabinet), I was picky regarding shoe storage.  Choosing the right shoe storage to meet the needs seemed easy but not!  The needs change over time, for example, when I was a student I needed space-saving storage.  When I was single and working full time at the office, I wanted a shoe rack that can hold lots of shoes and high-heels.  After having a family, the shoe cabinet for different sizes and usage are useful. So past ten years I have visited furniture stores and researched on shoe storage online extensively to find the best shoe storage.  Now I decided to share the information on shoe racks and organizers that I have been researched and experienced.


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