Accent cabinets for shoe storage

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Do you think that most shoe racks look ugly? Then you can use an accent cabinet to store shoes, or some media consoles work as shoe cabinet as well. However, usually the depth of these cabinets are not deep enough. You have to choose the cabinet that has enough depth; 11 inches of interior depth would be fine but 13 inches can fit even larger shoes. Vent holes or slatted door for aeration are good features to have for aeration.

Here are some I suggest 🙂

Pollman Slatted Cabinet: This traditional looking cabinet has slatted doors. The drawers on top are convenient to store small stuff.
Pollman Slatted Cabinet

Deberry 2 Door Accent Cabinet: The abstract style and the colors of this cabinet are so attractive. It is very well made and no assembly is required!
Deberry 2 door cabinet

By Boo Metz Two door accent cabinet: Woven rattan of this cabinet adds cool vibe and It is very unique piece!
By Boo Metz 2 door cabinet

Phoebe Accent Cabinet: This mid-century style cabinet adds style to your home, and it is reasonable! I like the choice of colors; black, gray, white or walnut colors are available.
Phoebe Accent Cabinet

Musselwhite 2 Door Mirrored Accent Cabinet:This is very deep cabinet. Mirrored door makes the room bigger.
Mussle white mirrored cabinet

Dumas 2 Door Accent Cabinet:This cabinet comes with two built-in USB ports. If you want to charge your cellphone on top of the cabinet it is so convenient!
Dumas 2 door accent Cabinet

Humphrey Bogart 2 Door Accent Cabinet :This cabinet is not cheap, but made from solid wood and, (of course) no assembly is required. It is very beautiful piece of furniture and you can use it for long time.
Humphery Bogart accent cabinet

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