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Over-the-door shoe organizer

Over-the-door shoe organizer is one of the reasonable shoe organizing solutions in a small space. It is reasonable and holds lots of shoes, and usually, the assembly is easy. It is overwhelming to see many different types (mesh or clear pocket, metal or plastic rod, shelf,  wire etc..) out there on market.

A little bit of research helps you avoid useless shopping experience. First of all, depending on types or size of shoes you want to keep, and where you want to hang, the over-the-door organizer can be totally useless.  If you plan to store bigger shoes, make sure that you have the ones that fit the size. Also, the over-the-door hook could not fit the door, or the door may not close even if the hook fits. In that case, you may have to adjust the organizer yourself.

In any case here are the good ones that get high reviews. (I avoided the ones that have many negative reviews and mixed reviews)

Over-the-door shoe organizer with Mesh pocket

MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Organizer: Misslo over the door shoe organizer has 24 mesh pockets and the overall size is 56 1/2″H x 22 1/3″W.  It receives very good reviews at Amazon.  One of the reasons is that its roomy pockets can hold bigger shoes as well as small shoes.  Negative reviews are about the hooks that don’t fit the door and the big shoes do not fit in the pocket.

Misslo otd shoe organizer 24 mesh pocket

Over-the-door shoe organizer with Clear Pocket:

SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer:  Simple Houseware’s over the door shoe organizer has 24 clear pockets and the overall size is 64” H x 19” W.  It gets most reviews among the category.  One of the reasons is the price. (less than $10).   Many people say that it can’t hold bigger shoes (it could, but only halfway through, so you can’t hold 12 big size shoes in the organizer).  Also, as is common in the over-the-door shoe organizer, some say that the hook doesn’t fit the door.

Simplehouseware over the door shoe organizer

Narrow over-the-door shoe organizer

Umbra Scala over-the-door shoe organizer: If you want a narrow over-the-door shoe organizer, this could be the one. The Umbra Scala shoe organizer can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes but very narrow because of its design (the dimension is 14-1/2″ x 9″ x 66-1/2″ h).  However, it is deeper instead. So if you plan to hang it in the back of the door of the closet which has much stuff inside, it may not fit. Scala Over door Shoe Organizer Umbra

Misslo Heavy Duty Over Door Organizer for Narrow Door: This Misslo over-the-door shoe organizer has 12 roomy mesh pockets. The dimensions 12 x 58 inches.

Misslo 12 mesh over the door

Over-the-door shoe organizer for Men’s shoes or big shoes:

Mirella’s House LARGE SHOE ORGANIZER: Mirella’s House made the over-the-door shoe organizer which, according to the manufacturer, fits even Men’s size 18 shoe. The price is higher than its competitors (over $20) but could worth it if you need to store the big shoes. It has 24 mesh pockets and the dimensions are 23” x 67″.

Mirella's House LARGE SHOE ORGANIZER Door Shoe Rack, Sneaker Rack, Men's Shoe Organizer for Big Shoes

Metal over-the-door shoe rack

If you like more sturdy shoe rack than the vinyl- or mesh-pocket type shoe organizer, you may want to check the metal shoe rack. Both can be mounted over-the-door or the wall.

Closet Maid 16 pair Overdoor Shoe organizer: Closet Maid’s overdoor shoe organizer comes with 8 shelves and can hold a maximum 16 shoes. The good thing about this shoe rack is that you can adjust the levels of shelves depending on your shoe size. 77.5” H x 18” W x 6.6” D

closetmaid wall shoe organizer

Elfa Utility Shoe Storage Door & Wall Rack:  Elfa Utility Shoe StorageHooks comes with 4 shoe rack and 2 Mesh Baskets. The dimension is 17-1/8″ x 5-1/4″ x 78″ h.  The basket is versatile, where not only shoes but also other items can be stored easily.


Baby or Children over-the-door shoe organizer

Everything Mary Shoe Organizer for kids (Different Characters available): This shoe organizer with 16 large clear pockets is perfect for organizing shoes for kids! The measurement is 19″ W x 40″ H. You can choose different characters such as Avengers, Spiderman, Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman!

Everything Mary Shoe Organizer Kid

Hanging toddler/baby shoe organizer by Etsy: The hanging baby shoe organizer is 4 feet long and stores 9 pairs of baby shoes vertically (up to size 3 baby). The toddler version is the same length and can hold 7 pairs of shoes (size 4 to 6 toddler).  You can also customize the color!

baby hanging shoe organizer etsy

Laura Ashley shoe organizer:  This shoe organizer with 16 pockets are very cute! Either flamingo/pink or monkey/blue is available.

Over-the-door Flipflop shoe organizer

PerfectCurve Flip-Flop Rack:  PerfectCurve Flip-Flop Rack can hold up to 9 flip-flops. It is simple and convenient!

PerfectCurve Flip-Flop Rack

Over the Door Flip Flop and Sandal Hanger Holder By Boottique: This Flip-Flop Hanger is easily hung over a hanger, on a hook in your closet. It can hang six pairs of Flip-flops or sandals. Different colors and pattern choices are available too! 

Boottique New- Flip Flop and Sandal Hanger By Boottique Hooks 

Over-the-door boot rack

Over The Door Boot Valet (with 3 Silver Hangers):  This boots hanger Includes 1 over the door valet rod and 3 Original Silver Boot Hangers. Hanging is one of the ways to organize boots.

over the door boot valet

Multi-Use Over-the-door organizer

Umbra Estique Over-The-Door Multi-Use Organizer: This Umbra Estique organizer has 14 wide-spaced hooks.  It is stylish, versatile and compact ( 2 ¼ x 14 ¼ x 14 ¼ inches).

Umbra Estique Over the door hanger


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