Best selling deodorizing ozone shoe dryer in Japan

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Shoe cleaning business in Japan

Did you know that there are coin-operated sneaker washing machines and sneaker drying machine at coin laundries in Japan? Part of the reasons is that the Japanese have more occasions that they have to take off shoes in public.  Clean and no-smell shoes are must!  When I was in Japan, I was careful not to choose stinky shoes when I was going to Zashiki-style (tatami floor) restaurants where you have to remove shoes.

As for the sneaker washing machines, many people actually say that Aqua coin sneaker laundry works well.  I can’t wait trying it when I see it next time in Japan:-)

There are also a home delivery shoe cleaning services in Japan such as Kutsu Lenet. They can wash all types of shoes (yes, even leather shoes!) in water with the detergent, brush, sponge, etc. that are individually appropriate to the shoe material. Not only they wash the shoes, but they also get rid of shoe odor through deodorization and disinfection processes!  They have a service that can store the shoes for a few months. It is a good service for people who don’t have space for seasonal shoes. 

Best selling deodorizing shoe dryer in Japan

If you have old dirty shoes that you love and want to make it looks new, shipping it to Japan could be an option, but otherwise, you can wash and dry shoes at home! As for the shoe or boot dryer, there are many choices anywhere in the world. But here I would introduce the best-selling shoe dryer in Japan. 

That is… 

Iris USA DSDR-C1 Deodorizing Shoe Dryer

Iris is a Japanese company which makes plastic products (ex. containers, Ziploc), organizational tools and small appliances etc.  Iris is not a famous brand but they have a long history in Japan and make great products.  

Iris deodorizing shoe dryer has been one of the popular shoe dryers in Japan. The product got over hundreds of great reviews in Rakuten and Amazon in Japan. 

So here are the features of this product!

1: Dry + Deodorize + Sanitize: Actually works!

The dryer has a deodorizing option which blows air congaing ozone. According to Gupta AK et al: J Cutan Med Surg 17: 243, 2013, Ozone gas possesses antimicrobial properties against bacteria, viruses, and yeasts and effective in sanitizing footwear.  Also according to manufacturer’s test results , it reduces 90% of odor.  The Japanese product testing site tested the product too. A licensed smell examiner (Yes, in Japan such a license exist!) examined the smell and confirmed that odor has reduced.

2: Dry two pairs simultaneously.

There are notches at the ends of the shoe dryer hoses so you can dry up to two pairs of shoes at a time.

iris shoe dryer two pair

3: Timer: 

It has a timer function up to 120 mins.

4: Versatile Use:

Extendable tube: You can stretch out tubes to dry shoes, or you can dry gloves on tubes without extension. You could dry shoe cabinet by inserting the hose.

Heat Setting: There are High (50 C), Medium(40) or Low(40) settings.  You can dry leather shoes as well using the medium setting.

5: Overheat protection safety device:

The product has a safety feature that stops automatically when it overheats.

6: Compact

It weighs 1.76 pounds and the dimensions are 5.39 x 3.98 x 11.38 Inches

So.. then what is the Negatives?  

  • Fan Noise: Many actually complains about the noise when the dryer was used in normal mode.  
  • Spreading Odors: Deodorizing works but the air blows odor in the drying process.  (Shutting the doors and putting in a garage could work to avoid it )
  • Short Nozzle:  Some reviewers say that they wish the dryer has a longer tube. 
  • Drying Ability: It takes time to dry when two pairs of shoes dry together.

Final Thoughts:

IIRIS shoe dryer is an excellent choice if you concern about foot odor or infection and want smaller, versatile shoe dryer.  Also, you may want to check the IRIS blanket warmer if you care for warming up a blanket and reducing dust mites in it.  IRIS blanket warmer comes with an attachment for drying shoes.  It gets over a thousand reviews in Japan!


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