Creative space-saving shoe storage products!

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Creative Space-saving shoe storage products

Don’t have enough spaces to store shoes?   You can use over-the-door shoe hanging organizer like this or hanging shoe selves like this.  I used them both type and they are OK overall.  Just be careful when you buy: if they say that 8 pockets or 8 sections, they tend to have only one shoe in each section/pocket.

Here are other ideas for space-saving shoe storage!

Shoe Slotz

Shoe Slotz double your space! Japanese organizing consultant and author, Kondo Marie (aka Konmari) used this type of shoe organizer when she appeared on Japanese TV show to demonstrate organizing shoes (Check this blog if you want to know more about her way of organizing shoes and entryway)  It is good for flat, sneakers and low heel shoes, but high-heels may not be good for Shoe Slotz depending on the height of the cabinet or shoe rack.

3-section shoe bin

This 3-section shoe bin triples the storage space though it may only hold smaller shoes if the storage’s hight is not tall enough.

Flip-Flop Hanger

Flip-Flop and Sandal hanger hang up to 7 pairs of flip-flops or sandals.  I like it because you can hang every family member’s flip-flops from this hanger and can hang wet flip-flop to dry!

 Boots Hanger

Boots are seasonal but take up so much space to store. Boot Storage Rack by Boot Butler stores 5 pairs of boots in just 7 inches of closet space.

 Underbed Rolling organizer rack

The space under the bed is often neglected but great storage space. Clear plastic case or boxes are good storage solution but I like under-bed rolling shoe storage such as Rolling Wire Shelf Underbed Organizer Rack is better since you can clean under the bed easily.  Also it is a good place to put shoes f you takes off shoes before sleep at bed. Make sure you have enough hight before buying any of this type of racks.

Round ottoman with shoe storage

Designs4Comfort Round Shoe Ottoman is great shoe storage option in your living room without being noticed by anybody that this is the shoe storage.  Variety of color options are available to match your style!


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