Eco-friendly shoe storage option

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Eco-friendly shoe storage option

Sustainable, eco-friendly or green furniture is good for the environment and our health.  But what is green furniture?  To call them truly eco-friendly furniture, they have to be sourced, manufactured, transported with the smallest possible carbon footprint. They don’t use any materials that produce chemicals that are harmful to our body.  For this reason, it is not easy to find true eco-friendly furniture. Fortunately, many companies are trying to be sustainable and disclose sustainability information.  And some organizations such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and The Rainforest Alliance has a certification that shows that the materials are sourced sustainably.

People tend to switch to eco-friendly bed, or dining table first, but why not considering entryway furniture. In any case, the entryway is the first place that you or your guests come in! So I will show some eco-friendly shoe storages here:

Reclaimed Teak Mudroom Bench & Hanger:

This hall tree is 55% metal frame and 45% recycled teakwood.  It has 11 hooks, benches and storage space under the bench.  (Bonus: If you concerned environment, Viva Terra offers climate-friendly shipping option, which offset your order’s carbon impact.))

Reclaimed Teak Mudroom Bench & Hanger

Vintage Fir West Linn Armoire Cabinet:

This cabinet is made from entirely from reclaimed California Douglas Fir wood. Available in 5 stunning finishes: Natural, Linen Grey, White Quartz, Espresso and Black Onyx.  The size is 38”W x 16”D x 48”H

Vintag Fir West Linn Armoire Cabinet

Midcentury Entryway Cabinet:

This 2-door, 1 shelf cabinet is handcrafted in Urbangreen, the company located in Brooklyn, and use locally sourced woods.  The cabinet is available in variety of woods and colors.  D18″ x W30″ x H36″

Midcentury Entryway Cabinet

Greenington Mercury two door cabinet:

The Mercury two-door cabinet by Greenington is made in 100% 100% Moso Bamboo, Eco-Friendly Sustainable Resource. There are two adjustable shelves inside. 36″W 19″D 30″H

Greenington Mercury 2 Door Chest

Recycled Teak Wood Louvre Cabinet With 2 Doors and 2 Drawers:

This cabinet is made from solid and repurposed 100% Grade A teak wood.  The Louvre door is suitable for storing shoes because it provides better air circulation. W 48″ / D 20″ / H 39″ /

Recyled Teak Louvre cabinet by chic teak

Way Basics Blox System Pisa Eco zBoard Tool-Free Assembly Stackable 5-Cubby Modular Bookcase Storage Shelf:

This storage shelf is made with durable zBoard. The zBorad, according to the manufacturer, is extremely sturdy yet lightweight boards which are made from recycled paper.
It is easy to assemble: just peel the 3M adhesive strips and put together.  The picture shown below includes 2 divider blox, 1 rectangle blox (Interior dimensions rectangle blox: 12.9 L x 21.3 W x 13.4 H. Interior dimensions divider blox: 12.9 L x 20.9 W x 13.4 H))

way basics shoe rack

Modesto Reclaimed Wood Entryway Bench:

You can use this reclaimed wood entryway bench with either matching 48″ coat hooks with storage cubbies or 48″ coat hooks. Dimensions: W 48″ x D 14″ x H 18″

Modesto Rustic Natural Storage Bench


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