Foldable Shoe Rack: Space saving and multi-function!

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Foldable Shoe Rack

Why do you want to have foldable shoe rack?  It is because1) they are easy to carry or move 2) they require no or very simple assembly 3) they are multi-function.  The distinctive design would be a good choice if you like an industrial style.

“Foldable” shoe rack are categorized mainly into two 1) accordion type or 2) ladder type. Check these out!  (If you are looking fora wall-leaning ladder shoe rack, check this blog instead. )

Accordion-type foldable shoe rack

1. Decmode Iron and wood 5-tier accordion shelf: This industrial looking shelf is made from iron and wood.  The dimension is 18W x 12D x 36H in.


2. Decmode wood and iron storage shelf:  Another accordion style shoe rack from Decmode, but it has drawers underneath.  It is not “portable”, but this unique design stands out.  Dimensions: 34W x 16D x 53H in.

master_UMA_storage shelf

3. MaidMAX 5 Tiers Shoe Rack: This rack is made from plywood. It is very small (W 15.7 x L10.2 x H31.5 inches)!

mademax 5 tiers shoe rack wood foldable

4. Rakumi Multi-tier bamboo foldable shoe rack: Rakumi foldable shoe rack is made from bamboo and you can pick from two to five tiers. Some reviewers say it is smaller than they thought (the width is 20″ )

Rakumi Multi-Tier Foldable Bamboo Shoe Rack

5. Exy 3 or 4-tier Lift and lock storage shelf: 3-tier shelf’s width is 34″ and  4-tire shelf’s width is 26″.  White or Black are available.

Flowerhouse exy shelf

6. Zenree Metal 4 Tier Folding Shelf: Zenree folding shelf has a little bit different style from its competitors: wires, not the shelves, hold shoes. If you like the space between floors and shoes, this is a good choice too.  The width is relatively narrow (22.5 inches). Black, White or Pewter colors are available.
zenree foldable metal shoe rack

7. StoreSmith 3-Tier Folding Shoe Rack: Most reviewers say that it is very sturdy.  It is good that you can pick the colors from black, white, platinum or bronze. The width is 27-1/2″.  If you prefer brown color, Origami brand has a similar 3-tier folding shoe rack in blown.
StoreSmith 3-Tier Folding Shoe Rack

8. Lipper International Wine Rack: Isn’t it cool to use a wine rack to store shoes??

Lipper Wine Rack

Ladder-Tyle Foldable shoe rack

1. Convertible dining table bookshelf: Wow. They are very interesting: they coverts to the table! It could be very convenient to have for occasional party you host!  Small or Large is available. The size of the small one is 23.2 x 26.8 x 60.8 inches. The size of the big one is 35 x 43 x 67H inches. (The picture shows small one)

2. Origami Foldable A-shape Decorative Rack:  This foldable A-shape rack from Origami has 4 shelves and folds flat in less than 60 seconds!  Open size: 34” x 17” x 57”

Origami Foldable a-shape rack

3. Origami 4-shelves folding racks:  This is another folding rack from Origami. I like the color choices: Platinum/Grey, Turquoise/Lt Oak, White or White/Light Oak.  Measurements: 18-1/2″L x 18-1/2″W x 57-1/8″H (open).

Origami folding decorative 4 shelf

4. Best Choice Products 3-Tier Rustic Wood Display Stand:  This display stand are sold as a flower stand but of course can be used as shoe rack.  There are many similar items but I like this one because it is sturdy made and fully assembled. Overall Dimensions: 23.5″(L) x 15.25″(W) x 36.75″(H).

best Choice Product foldable display stand

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