Getabako: Japanese Style Shoe Storage

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Getabako by Sashimono Technique

Have you ever heard of “Sashimono” wood making technique? If I say that this is a Japanese Wood Joiner technique, you may have heard of it. It is the technique that is putting two wooden pieces together without using nails. This seems delicate, but it is quite sturdy and can be used for many generations.

(If you are curious, the Youtube video “BEGIN Japanology – Sashimono Woodwork” is an excellent documentary that shows the Sashimono joinery techniques and its mastery.)

This Sashimono wood making has been used to make furniture, including Getabako, Japanese shoe cabinets. The photo gallery in this blog shows some of the beautiful Getabako that are made in Japan.  They are stunning!  Unfortunately, most carpenters or manufactures do not offer international shipping though you may be able to contact them in person and they may be able to help.

Good news is that good-looking Japanese style shoe cabinets are available to purchase in the U.S.  Check these out!

Update - 2020.01.10This blog was originally published on Aug 2018 and has been updated. I left some images to show the images.

Shoe Cabinet

  1. Japanese style kiri wood shoe chest by Eastern Classic 
  2. Japanese Cherry, Beech or Walnut Getabako Shoe Tansu by Jtansu
  3. Sliding door shoes box with three drawers
  4. Windsor Shoe Dresser, Espresso
  5. Dragon Shoe Locker *not available as of 2020 Jan
  6. Shinto Tall Cabinet
  7. Moro Shoe cabinet by Room & Board

Shoe Rack

The shoe rack is not a cabinet, of course, but I wanted to include some of the shoe racks here since they reflect the modern Japanese style. Japanese are good at making the most out of every square inch of space.

  1. Shoe Rack 3D 
  2. Slim Shoe Rack
*Do you need shoe storage, but you don’t know what type is good for you?  If so, check the blog “what type of shoe storage is right for you?“*
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