Why not displaying shoes at home?

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Display shoe shelves for home

If you have a lot of shoes, you should enjoy displaying them rather than bother yourself by thinking how to store them. You appreciate your collection just by watching them and you can show off of course! Displaying shoe also force you to clean the shoes and organize the shoe rack. Here are some shoe rack or display cabinet that you may want to use for:

Rachael Ray Home Cinema Shoe Chest: 

This chest is a dream for shoe lovers!  From outside you won’t see what are inside but once you open it…. “WOW!”. There are 24 cubbies and holds up to 48 shoes. Its’ center bottom shelves are removable for boot storage. The good thing is that opening doors activate interior lights, so you will enjoy them even at dark (which is actually cool!)

Shoe & Hat Metal Wall Organization:  

This wall mounted shoe rack is useful for showing a few pairs of shoes. You can show shoe and hat as this product name tells, or you can even put two shoes.


Kendrick Glass-Tempered Bookcase:

Bookcase can be used to store. The space between the shelves is perfect for store shoes. Kendrick Glass bookcase looks even better with good-looking shoes. The Dark Taupe, Glossy White or Gray are available.

Kendrick Glass Bookcase

Ikea Billy Bookcase:

Ikea has a good collection of the display cabinet. Bookcase with a glass door such as Billy can be used to show shoe collection. This bookcase looks a bit more upscale with glass doors.

ikea billy bookcase with glass doors

Bengal Manor Mango Wood Corner Beveled Glass Door Curio Cabinet;

you may think that this sturdy, well-made cabinet are not worth the shoes, but I like the angle of the cabinet. You would be able to view the shoe from different angles and looks them so great.

Bengal Manor Mango Wood Corner Beveled Glass Door Curio

Premium Stacking Shoe Bin by Container Store:

If you don’t have a space for a big shoe cabinet or display case you can still display your shoes using the Container Store’s stacking shoe bin. You can combined regular staking shoe bin (4-3/4″ h) with tall stacking shoe bin (8″ h).

Container Store Premium Stacking Shoe bin

In addition to that, check this blog to see amazing revolving shoe rack that wow you!

To make the display fancier, you could use Shoe Risers such as the ones below that are usually used at the retail store or trade show. (#1: a set of 3 shoe risers, #2: shoe riser for high heels.  #3: Z shaped riser )



Shoe Rack | Good Luck
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