Scandinavian style shoe cabinets: Ikea alternatives

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Ikea shoe storage alternatives

Ikea has good selections of good looking shoe storage. But you don’t want your guest to notice that it is Ikea furniture? Or you like the Ikea style, but you want to something better quality?   Here are Ikea’s shoe storage alternatives!

Update - 2020.01.31This blog was originally published on  Sep 2018 and has been updated.

Ikea shoe cabinets

First of all, let’s check what Ikea has. Most of Ikea’s shoe storage cabinets are tilt-out drawer style. (such as, STALL, BISSA, TRONES, HEMNES, BRUSALI and MACKAPAR)  They are slim and suitable for limited space. Because of this slim style feature, it has to be attached to the wall.  Bigger shoes may not fit these cabinets, but this is the common problem with this type of shoe cabinet, not specific to Ikea cabinet. 

Ikea Shoe Cabinets Alternatives

Now let’s see the cabinets that look like Ikea furniture.

#1  The Container store’s 3-drawer cabinet: This cabinet is made of steel and there are no legs underneath, so the looking are slightly different from Ikea furniture.  Good news is that this comes fully assembled.    Three drawers open together (they do not open separately.)

#2  Orus Shoe Cupboard.: This is a very well constructed tilt-out shoe cabinet currently available.

#3 Diana 3-Drawer Shoe Cabinet: I could say that this cabinet is more like Ikea style than other alternatives.  It is reasonably priced and cool-looking although the assembly could be a bit challenging.

#4 Corrigan Studio Jamar 38 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet : This cabinet has legs and a combination of open and hidden doors.

#5 Corrigan Studio 16 pair shoe cabinet : This asymmetrical design cabinet has a double door and open storage space.

#6 Furniture of America Balto Contemporary Two-tone Shoe Cabinet: The unique wave cabinet front design brings out the contrast of the white with the distressed walnut. It has eight shelves inside to hold plenty of shoes.

#7 Prime Shoe Storage, Dark Walnut:  This is a modern-looking furniture with one pull-out drawer, three tilt-out drawers and two-shelf side cabinets. The side cabinet can hold tall boots!

#8 Manhattan Comfort Shoe Rack:  This shoe rack has a mirror and can hold up to 14 pairs of shoes.

Ikeas shoe rack/storage bench alternative

Ikea’s shoe storage Benches and Ikea’s shoe racks are very simple. The benches usually come with two shelves made from steels tubes underneath (ex. Ikea TJUSIG) or made from bamboo (ex, IKEA NORDKISA).  The shoe racks have one to three shelves and they are stackable.  Most of them are very basic so it is OK to place them in a closet, but you would find a bit more stylish ones somewhere else if you want to put them in entryway or hallway.

#1 Promenade Bench: This bench looks like a simple shoe rack, but holds up to 250lb. This type of clean looking shoe cabinet is not common surprisingly.

#2 Sko shoe rack:  This shoe rack was designed without any unnecessary components with two perforated steel shelves.

#3 Yamazaki Adjustable Shoe Rack : This minimalist style rack is adjustable and stackable.

#4 Voss 3 tier shoe rack:  If you want to store more shoes, this shoe rack could be your choice.


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