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Kids Shoe Rack

My daughter has been in a Japanese preschool, where kids have to change to indoor shoes every day.  The school has a shoe box called Getabako at the entrance and each kid puts the shoes under her name. 

At home, my daughter takes off shoes at the entrance too, but she just leaves them.  I thought we could have shoe storage that would encourage her to put her shoes when she comes home.  Since the shoe cabinet was not accessible to her at the time, I researched the kids shoe racks that are fun for her.  

Update - 2019.03.1
This blog was originally published on Jun 2018 and has been updated.

Shoe Racks

Kids shoe rack by Yamazaki

Kids shoe rack by Yamazaki is very cute, comes in yellow/bear, pink/bunny or black/kitten. It only holds four shoes and good for toddler size shoes, however, kids would love putting their shoes here.  It is a great way to encourage them to store shoes in the same place every day.

Componibili Drawer 

Componibili Drawer can be used for shoe storage for kids.  It would be fun for kids to open and close for young kids. The cool design is great for parents who don’t like a character or cute design.  This comes in either two or three-drawer compositions, and are available in solid red, white, black, silver, copper.

 2-Tier Upright Revolving Shoe Tree Rack


This shoe tree rack can be easily assembled and holds 8 pairs of shoes.  The hight (28.7 inches) is appropriate for little kids to hang their shoes.

Wooden Storage Bench by Iris

IRIS Storage bench pink

Wooden Storage bench by Iris is very simple and colorful (blue, pink, white or gray). It definitely adds accents to your kids’ room.   Assemble is easy too.   The size (39.92″L x 13.39″W x 17.09″H) is good for kids.

Storage Center

ECR4KIDS Round Dress Up Carousel Daycare Locker 

ECR4KIDS Round Dress Up Carousel Daycare Locker 

This Carousel Locker has three double hooks for costumes and eight storage cubbies for shoes and two large bins, in addition to two mirrors on each side! The hight is 50.25 inches, which is harder to reach for small kids (less than two years old) but it is fun storage for preschoolers!

Dress-up center with double sided shoe stand

Dress-up center with double sided shoe stand

I like the dress-up center by SpareTimeWoodDesigns because it has double sided shoe stand and you can customize colors (Green, Black, Brown, Pink, Natural, Blue).  It is hand-made and easy-assemble with only four parts. The height is 40-inch, good for younger children.

Space-saving shoe storage for Kids shoes

Kid Stella™ Shoe Rack

Kids Stella Shoe Rack

Kid Stella Shoe Rack is very cute with bunny-shaped holder!.   The picture shows four boots and two bunny-shaped holders, but it is customizable. It saves space as well when it is mounted with the wall.  I love the primary color.  Once kids grow older, you can even buy adult holders!

Space-saving Shoe holders

Don’t want to spend much on kids’ shoe storage?  3-section shoe bin like this is good to store kids shoes.  You can triple the space by using this.  Another idea is mounted hanging shoes hook like this.

If you are looking for space-saving shoe storage, check this post that tells you the different types of shoe storages. It is helpful to know first what options are available in terms of shoe storage and then decide how to store shoes!

3-section shoe bin

3-section shoe bin

mounted hanging shoes hook

mounted hanging shoes hook


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