Shoe storage that you can see inside: with glass doors or mesh doors

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Shoe storage with glass doors or mesh doors

Shoe storage with glass doors or mesh doors allows us to see inside the cabinet.  Why do we want to see inside?  First, some of you may want to show or to display the shoe collection. You purposely choose the cabinet that people can see inside.  Second, such a storage cabinet encourages you to organize shoes.  Most of all, you will know what shoes you have!  Have you ever found the shoes in the closet that you almost forgot to have?  Here are some shoe cabinets that allow you to see inside!

Shoe cabinet with glass doors

Transitional 16 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet: The cabinet is made of manufactured wood but the concrete-inspired frame with a darker center finish makes the piece very interesting. The size is 48.98” H x 35” W x 15.6” D

Transitional 16 pair shoe cabinet

Contemporary 16 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet: This Cabinet is unique: it has the glass-enclosed shelving and slanted side compartments! The size is 35.27” H x 44.01” W x 15.6” D

Contemporary shoe cabinet by Brayden Studio

Ikea Regissor Glass door cabinet:  Ikea has a few glass-door cabinets, but REGISSOR is one of the good ones for shoe cabinet. It is taller, but I like it because you could store the seasonal shoes or occasional shoes at the top of the shelves. White of Brown is available. The size W: 46 1/2 ” x D: 15 ” x H: 79 7/8 “.

Ikea Regissor glass door cabinet

Shoe cabinet with Mesh Doors

Geno Shoe Storage Cabinet:  The industrial-looking storage has a mesh wiring door!  The drop-down top storage space makes this storage unit very different from others! The size is 33.4” H x 47.2” W x 15.7” D

Geno traditional walnut shoe cabinet

Henese Vintage Walnut Shoe Cabinet: This walnut finish cabinet has five shelves with meshed doors. Caster wheels allow the cabinet to move around. (BTW, If you want to check the cabinet with casters or rolling shoe cabinet, check this blog!) The size 52.2 in. H x 31.5 in. W x 15.75 in. D


Acme Furniture Glines Shoe Cabinet: This light oak finished cabinet has a five-shelves and wood frame with mesh. The size is 28L x 17W x 49H in.

acme furniture gliness shoe cabinet



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