Displaying sneaker collections at home

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Sneaker storage display at home

Are you a sneakerhead? Do you collect sneakers? or Just do you just have so many sneakers? If so it is time to think about the sneaker display at your home.  Good news is that you can store and display sneakers at the same time, even in a small apartment.   Here are some ideas that you can try!

Wall Grid Panels

One of the easy and cost-effective ways to display sneakers is using wall grids.  I like wall grids because you can choose the number of shoes to be displayed, and change the arrangement as you like!

So many different sizes of wall grids are available.  Wall mounted type such as this comes in a variety of sizes. I would recommend buying smaller ones and add later if you need more using gridwall connectors.  There are also free-standing (ex. L-shaped, Floor standing). The benefit of freestanding is, of course, you can use it right away!

Depending on what you buy, you may need to buy nails or grid wall hanging brackets to mount grids on the wall.

Don’t forget to buy shoe shelves (ex. flat acrylic shelves, metal wire shelves )or grid wall hooks to display sneakers!

Wall Shelves

Another popular and reasonable solutions to display sneakers is using Ikea shelves such as Ikea Varde and Ikea Lack

Wall Mounted

You can also mount each sneaker rack on the wall.

1) Wall Mount sneaker display to show the side of shoes such as this, this

2) Wall Mount Sneaker display to show side and sole of shoes such as this

wall mounted sneaker side and sole

3) Sneaker and Hat Wall Mount Display such as this and this:

4) Four Stackable Wall Mount 

fourstack sneaker

5) Sneaker Floating Box by sneakerglass.com

sneaker glass


If you don’t like mounting the shelf to the wall (or if you don’t want the hole in the wall) you can try vertical tension pole such as Tension pole with shelves. 

Dream Hanger tension

Sneaker Storage Box

You can use the original shoe boxes that come with the shoes, but usually plastic or acrylic storage box can show the inside and has better.

It is so cool to see a collection of sneakers on display!

Not a sneakerhead? Don’t have sneakers to show? Want to keep them in the boxes?  Don’t worry.  Why not display 3D LED sneakers instead?

Laser Cut AJ1 Off White The Ten Retros 3D Illusion Sneaker LED

Shoe Rack | Good Luck
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