Use these shoe racks if you want your guest to take off shoes in house!

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Shoe rack Taking off shoes in house

Have you ever seen “No shoes” sign at someone’s house? or maybe are you displaying the sign at your house? I often see such a sign when I use a vacation rental.  Even if there are no such signs, many places have a house rule “taking off shoes in house”.  I was wondering how these signs are effective? I am accustomed to remove shoes at home, so I don’t mind removing the shoes. But do most follow the rule?  I don’t know.

I noticed that a few places have appropriate shoe rack that encourages guests to take off the shoes.  One time I took off shoes in front of the entrance, still outside, but there was no shoe rack inside nor outside of the house.  I left the shoes outside, but it rained at night!  Another time I stayed in a condo and removed the shoes before the entrance.  We went to beach and hiking. Eventually there are too many shoes and flip-flops outside, messy!

So I would suggest shoe racks for no-shoes house.  At my house I like the shoe cabinet, or shoe rack with doors to hide shoes, but for this purpose, I chose shoe benches that guests can sit and remove shoes.

Shoe Bench at entrance

ZHEN GUO Entryway Shoe Bench with Coat Rack:  This bench is very convenient with coat rack together.

Zhen Guo Entryway Shoe Bench with Coat Rack

Churchill Upholstered Storage Bench:  This bench is very stylish with distinguished upholster design though there is not much space underneath.


Basilio Wood Storage Bench: IF you like industrial design this Basilo wood storage is the one. Also it has wheels for easy moving.

Basilio Wood Storage Bench

Binion Upholstered Storage Bench:  Binion Storage bench is simple and go with most of the decors.  There is a hook on the side, which is a bonus to hook keys etc..


Zimmer Storage Bench:  This is another industrial-style bench, with angled metal wire and two storage space.

zimmer storage bench

For Outside

If you want a shoe bench outside of the entrance, you may want to pick durable and easy to clean.

Morgane Wood Storage Bench:  This bench is ideal for outside: The slatted design makes it easy to clean and it holds a lot of shoes and else!

Morgane Wood Storage Bench

SONGMICS 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench, Shoe Organizer: This bench is made from bamboo is simply designed and very reasonable.  It fits the small space.

Songmics bamboo shoe rack bench

For rainy area: with boots and umbrella

Ballard Double Boot Trays with Frame:  This is not a bench, but good to have it when you live in a rainy area ow snowy area.   Nicely it comes with an umbrella holder too.

Ballard Double Boot Trays with Frame

If you need a boots rack, particularly for rain boots or snow boots, I would suggest outside boots rack to avoid wet floor/carpet.  Simple boot rack such as Boot & Shoe Organizer Storage Rack by Better Homes & Gardens works for this purpose.


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