Tilt-out Shoe Cabinet Pros and Cons

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Tilt-out Shoe Cabinet Pros and Cons

I use tilt-out shoe cabinet from Coaster.  It looks modern and has only 11-inch depth, which means that it does not take much space, especially if you want to place it in narrow space.  The material looks a bit cheap but you can’t expect much at this price.

Assembly was hard… I asked a professional to assemble because I knew that this kind of furniture would break so quickly if you don’t assemble correctly.  It took more than he expected to put together but still, he could not align the shelf? He was able to assemble well after he ordered some parts from the manufacturer.  He said that it was not easy.  I was happy that I did not do it myself.

The problem happens when you start closing and opening the door.  If you put only a few shoes they go everywhere and sometimes it is hard to find them. Kids shoe is easily lost in this cabinet.

Also, the big shoe gets flattened a bit.

However, it still does the job if you store three or four shoes in each component.  Good news is high-heels fit well!

I reviewed Coaster Shoe Cabinet here. However, similar cabinets are commonly available from different manufacturers.  All look modern and they come in one, two or three drawers and different colors.  2-drawers is your choice if you want to put something such as key boxes on top of the cabinet.

Tilt-out drawer shoe cabinet can store more shoes than the same size of the regular shoe cabinet. If you can’t decide which shoe cabinets are good for you, read the blog “which types of shoe storage is right for you?” first!

Tilt-out shoe cabinet Pro/Con

  • Double the spaces compared with regular shoe cabinets
  • Slim and modern looking

  • Assembly is hard
  • Big or small shoes may not fit well
  • Shoes may get lost inside

No assembly required Tilt-out Shoe Cabinet

If you want to have tilt-out shoe cabinet, I would recommend hiring someone to assemble it for you or buying assembled one. Since most of this type of cabinet is hard to assemble, it would be easy to break (even if somebody really good at assembled it). So I would buy the assembled one if you can afford it.   They are not cheap, but last long!

Shoe Rack By Look Peak: This rustic looking shoe cabinet has two drawers and three shelves.  It is over $1000 but it is worth the money.


Banak Importa Tribeca Shoe CupboardBanak Importa makes amazing furniture.  This piece is made Tropical Wood  and Fiber Panel.  The size is D 12.6″ x W 23.62″ x  H 53.54″

Banak Importa Tribeca shoe cabinet

Banak Importa Kenia Shoe Cupboard:  This is wider and shoter than the above cabinet. (D 11.81″ x W 43.31″ x H 39.37″ )

Kenia Shoe Cabinet

5 Total Score
Good for some shoes

  • Good looking
  • Slim but can store many shoes
  • Good for high-heels
  • Assembly is hard
  • Some shoes don't fit (depending on size and shoes)
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