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Where can I find a shoe storage?

This is a simple question, but as you can imagine, there are so many options out there. First, you have to know what type of shoe storage you need. You would be surprised to know there are so many different types of shoe storage you can pick. Deciding the type of storage you need is the first step.

For simple shoe storage such as stand-alone shoe rack, shoe hanger, over-the-door hanging shoe storage, you can find good ones online such as Amazon, Overstock or Wayfair. Online store has more choices. Just make sure you check the return policy before you buy.

For shoe cabinet (which is considered to be small or mid-sized furniture), you can still find from reasonable to very good quality shoe cabinet online (if you are interested, here is the blog about online shoe cabinet shopping comparison: Amazon vs Wayfair vs Overstock).  You can search by “shoe cabinet” at an online shop.  If you can’t you may be able to find the ones you can use as a shoe cabinet under “accent cabinets” “entryway or hallway furniture” “Entryway storage” at online furniture store. However, you had better go to a furniture store to see them in person if possible. Here are some tips for buying a shoe cabinet in store.

Tips for buying shoe cabinets in the store

1) Research

It is obvious, but you need to know what style you want, what size of shoe cabinet you need, etc. You can ask and get advice at a furniture store, but you can get more useful answers from them if you study in advance, rather than just going to the store without any idea.

It is also useful to check the price range of the shoe cabinet online before going.

2) Go to a store (which store..?)

There are many types of furniture stores according to the spruce article: 1) Lifestyle store, 2) Traditional, 3) Manufacture-Branded 4) Warehouse membership 5) Department Store 6) Office Supply 7) Discount Department Store 8) Buying from designer 9) Used furniture.

My preference is to go to a local (traditional) furniture store. We can support local business. They are also more flexible regarding pricing and assembly/delivery. Among local furniture stores, the Asian-owned furniture store is more likely to have shoe cabinets at a reasonable price. Otherwise, you can check regular cabinets that can be used as a shoe cabinet.

Lifestyle stores (such as Ikea, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn) are the good place to check too if you like the specific style. You can even see what are available online in advance, and go to the store.

Discount Department Store (such as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and K-mart) and Office Supply Store (such as Home Depot) have some shoe cabinets that ready to assemble. The products that they carry are easily found online store such as Amazon as well. So you may be able to find cheaper one online after seeing actual product in a store.

Some Manufacturer branded furniture stores such as Ashley, and West Elm may have a store near where you live. If that is the case, you can call the local store to see if they carry the shoe cabinet. Most stores do not have shoe cabinets, but they have accent cabinets or storage cabinets.

3) Bring the shoes to the store

If your family member’s shoe is bigger than yours, or you have boots that you want to store, bring them too. Even if the store doesn’t have the furniture in the store, a salesperson can help measure it and make sure that they fit in the cabinet.

3) Ask the catalog

The store has a limited selection. Ask the store salesperson to show the catalog. The local store has a relationship with some brands so that they can order the cabinet for you.

Even if you check the store’s website in advance, the store has updated inventory and broader collection, so it is worth asking.

4) Negotiate

I like to go to a local store because they have own delivery group or they have a close relationship with a delivery company so that I can negotiate price including delivery and assembly. Unfortunately other than local stores, it is not easy to negotiate the price.

Don’t forget the store sample. Furniture store wants to sell floor or showroom sample furniture at a discounted price. You can ask for it if you are happy to take it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shoe cabinets, people only think about the shoe rack or shoe hanger. However, the shoe cabinet is sometimes better than the shoe rack since shoes are not seen from outside ( the house looks organized and clean!). If you invest your time and money a little bit, you will be able to find the shoe cabinet you can use for a while!

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