Travel Shoe Bag for women, men and kids that spark joy!

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Travel Shoe Bag that sparks joy

Somebody asked me… “you blogged about different types of shoe storage, then how about shoe storage while traveling, I mean… how do you pack shoes in your suitcase?”  I usually use a drawstring shoe bag in my suitcases. When I arrive at a hotel, I take out shoes to keep the shape of them if they are nice shoes.

It is easy to find portable shoe bags online or in a shop.  You can even use plastic bags, but plastic bags are not free anymore in many places and they look ugly.  Big ziplock bag can do the job as well, but isn’t it better to have a bag that can be used many times?  Organizing Consultant, Marie “Konmari” Kondo, said that “Place each shoe in its own cloth shoe bag. Even better: if the design of the shoe bag sparks joy, as well,”  when she shares her tips on packing to PopSugar.

Interesting…I do not particularly like packing, so why not having a shoe bag that sparks joy?!

Here are some shoe bags that may spark your joy.

Update - 2020.01.10This blog was originally published on Aug 2018 and has been updated.

For her

If you find some shoe bags whose design is attractive to you, you should have them!  Fortunately, there are many shoe bags that are not just black or gray. When you use the shoe bag you like you would feel just good when you try to pack AND when you open the suitcase:-)

  1. Portable Folding Waterproof Shoe Bag Travel Pouch Storage Organizer Case
  2. Zmart Portable Travel Shoe Bags 
  3. Personalized shoe bag by elsebeth
  4. Embroidered Silk Jacquard  Shoes Bags

For him

For most of the men, it may not be easy to find the shoe bag that “sparks joy”.  However, there are some that look cool that I would buy for my husband.  A few tips for buying shoe bags: 1) If you are the man with big feet, make sure that shoe bags fit your shoes before buying them. 2) Buy

  1. Shoe Organizer Bag, Portable Shoe Carry Box for Travel,Camo
  2. Oaklay Shoes Bag
  3. eBags Shoe Bags  
  4. Drawstring bag Gray with white small diamond pattern


For kids

Kids can use the shoe bag for traveling and for carrying sneakers, ballet shoes etc. It is good to pick something that your kid like.

  1. Sanrio quilted shoes bag
  2. Hello Kitty Shoes Bag
  3. Mickey Shoes Bag
  4. Cars 3 crossroads shoes bag
  5. Marvel Superhero
  6. Shoe bag trains


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