Under bed is the best hidden storage for shoes!

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Under bed shoe storage

If you live in a small apartment, RV or studio, you want to use every extra space for additional storage space. Under the bed is one of them. Even if you live in a big house,  under bed space is a good option for shoe storage, mainly seasonal shoes. You can store them in a garage or closet, but under the bed is very hidden!

Depending on the bed you have, you have several choices depending on the bed you have. In any case, it is essential to check the hight of the space before buying any of these storages. Also, I highly recommend putting a deodorizer in the shoe storage.

Trundle drawers, Wheeled storage

Bed Drawers from Palace Imports:  I love to have bed drawers!  It provides more space to store items and actually looks neat. It would be best if you can find the matched drawers with your existing bed.  Check the manufacturer’s homepage or contact them if they sell matched drawers or not. If not, you can purchase the drawers separately.  Again, the important thing to do is to measure the space (particularly height) under your bed.

The bed drawers from Palace Imports have gotten overall high customer reviews from different sources. If you purchase the bed from the It is made of pine woods. The size is 37”w x 13”h x 16.5”d and comes with a set of two.

Palace Imports bed drawers.


Under-the-bed Rolling wood storage box: This is made of natural wood. It is smaller side (23.5″L x 11.75″w x 6″h), but very nice looking!

Under-The-Bed Rolling Wood Storage Box

Metal Framed Trundle Storage: This under bed storage may match your industrial looking home decors.  It made of made of fabric and metal. The size is 10″ H x 40″ W x 37″ D, so make sure that you have enough space under bed.

Home Source H-60000-SB

Our Long Under Bed Box with Wheels: This box with wheels is made from clear unbreakable polypropylene, so you can see inside. Each box has a locking lid and wheels. The wheels allow the box to roll in either of two directions. The size (35-5/8″ x 18-1/4″ x 6-1/2″ h) is big enough to hold boots if you want.  Many people complain that the under bed storage didn’t fit even if they measure it before purchasing it.  This box has relatively low hight (6.5 inches) for the box with wheels, so you may be able to fit your space under bed.

Our Long Under Bed Box with Wheels

Dormco rolling under bed storage shelf:  This rolling storage is good to keep accessible items such as everyday shoes. Just check the hight under your bed. The is hight after assembled would be around 6.5 inches.

Dormco Rolling underbed storage

Shoe bag

Shoe storage bag is the bag separated by dividers. They are flimsy but reasonable storage option.

Richards Homewares Lack/Grey Gearbox 16 Cell Shoe Organizer: This shoe bag has 16 compartments to store shoes. Flip-flops or flats can be stored in one compartment, but big shoes or pumps may need two to store a pair of shoes. Whitmor 4 Section Underbed Boot Bag can be used to store boots.


Under Bed Basket

Ikea RÖMSKOG Underbed storage box: This idea storage basket has a cover on top to keep the item inside clean! The size is 25 5/8 ” W x  27 1/2 “D x  7 1/2 “H.

Romskog ikea unberbed storage

Honey-Can-Do Under The Bed Paper Rope Basket with Handle and Lid:  If you are looking for colorful ones, this could be the one. Pink, White, Blue or Brown are available.  The size is 23.5 X 15.45 X 6.5

Honey Can do under bed basket


Plastic Box/Drawer

Under bed Drawer (Clear Plastic): This Plastic Box/Drawer by Container Store is one of the great under bed storage. First of all, it is large enough to hold a lot of shoes and extra stuff(the size 17-3/8″ x 29-1/8″ x 5-7/8″ h).  The hight fit most of the bed available. Unlike regular plastic box, you can stack a few to use as a chest of drawers too.

Under Bed Drawer container store

Bedside Storage Cubby

Whitmor Bedskirt Storage Organizer: If you want to maximize the space you have (for example you live in RV, small dorm etc..),  you could consider use bedside for shoe storage!

Whitmor Bedskirt Storage Organizer






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