Why not taking off shoes in the house? (and slipper recommendation!)

No shoes in the house
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More than half of the county take off their shoes

According to the recent YouGov poll, over half of the country take off their shoes (31% are “Always” take off, 26% are “most of the time”). I am happy about this number because I am a supporter of no shoes in the house 🙂 This is not only because I grew up in no-shoes Japanese culture, but also because I DO feel much better without shoes at home.

The poll tells that the younger generation (younger than 44) report the highest rates of shoe removal. It did not collect specific reasons for that, but here could be the possible reasons for supporting this date.

The reasons for no shoes in the house

1. Bacteria on shoe soles

The recent study from University of Texas Researchers found that More than 26 percent of shoe soles from home environments tested positive for C. diff (Clostridium difficile) almost three times higher than the amount found in kitchens and bathrooms. Nearly half a million Americans were infected with C. diff in 2011, but most susceptible are the elderly and patients. So, shoes at in the house is not something to worry about, but “Why not take off your shoes just to be safe?” says Dr. Garey of Univ. Texas.

Just thinking about spreading out the germs made many people stop wearing the shoe at home, I am sure.  I know many parents who are expecting or having babies read this article and stopped wearing shoes at home. Some, who couldn’t change all the family member’s habit of wearing shoes, created ‘no-shoes area or room” at home for young children at least.

Last but at not least, you had better wash hands after removing shoes if you worry about the germs. Your hands may have caught some bacteria from your shoes. LOL

2. Barefoot benefit

There is a lot of evidence about the benefits associated with going barefoot. Many of them talk about walking barefoot outside. I am focusing more on the benefits of no-shoes at home.

The first thing that comes to my mind is foot hygiene. As I mentioned shoe hygiene in this blog, you should take off shoes at home if you are concerned about the shoe/foot smell. Wearing the same shoes for a long time worsen the smell. You take off shoes first, then you wash your foot, and air out the shoes.

Another benefit of no-shoes is taking off the pressure from shoes. According to the reserch, feet that have never worn shoes rarely exhibit problems such as bunions, corns, and “fallen arches”.

3. Cultural Diversity

Some US people decided to remove shoes at the house because they are exposed to no-shoe cultures and thought that is better! (My husband is one of them). Many of Asian county and some Scandinavian county don’t wear shoes at home.

Barefoot or slippers?

So now is the question… if you are already taking off shoes at home, or if you decide to go with no-shoe at home, do you go barefoot or wear slippers?

Personally, I spend barefoot in the summertime but wear socks often since I spend a lot of time in a kitchen. When it gets colder, I wear slippers or long socks or both. I suggest barefoot if you can, but probably you would need some indoor shoes too. Here are some slippers  that have some benefits to your foot.

Open-toe slippers

Open-toe slippers are great for people who concern about the foot smell. Some are made from breathable materials, and easy to clean.

1) Mianshe Bathroom Shower Slippers Summer Slip On Sandals

mianshe slipper

Mianshe Slippers are made of rubber and plastics.  It is washable. It is better with barefoot but works well with socks too.

2) Bronze Times Unisex Cozy Tatami Indoor Cotton Flax House Slippers

bronz time tatami slippers

Bronze Time Tatami Slippers is made of flax and cotton materials. You feel like you war waling on Tatami.  Unfortunately, this is not machine-washable, but you can wipe and clean easily.

3) SDS micro mesh slippers

SDS micro mesh slippers from Japan are made of absorbent, quick-drying Microfiber.  It is machine washable.

Foot Massage Slippers

Foot massage slippers or sandals applies pressure on your feet.  It takes time to get accustomed to it, but once you are, you feel good!

1) Addidas Adissage Sandal

Addidas Adissage Sandal

Addidas Adissage Sandal is the one of the most popular sanldas that has massage nubs on foot-bed. The pink is available for women too.  This sandal has a slip-resistant for wet  surfaces, so it is better at outside.  But many people use it as indoor and shower sandal too.

2) Ozawa Health Slippers

ozawa health slippers

Ozawa Health Slippers is commonly used reflexology slipper in Japan.  Flower printing is availeble too. This is good for those who have never used reflexology slippers since the pressuer is not strong.  If you are not satifsiced with this pressure, you could try the slipper that you feel like stepping on rocks! 

3) Kenkoh Soul 2

kenkoh soul 2

Kenkoh produces shoes that helps relieve pains and increase circulation. They have a few product lines but Kenkoh Soul 2 has vercro strap which is easy to put on. It is not cheap, but reviews says that it last more than a few years.

Washable Closed-toe Slippers

Closed toe and washable slippers are great for people who concern about the foot smell and/or worry about germs at home. Also good option when it is cold.

1) Uniqlo Slippers

uniqlo slippers

Uniqlo Slippers have good cushion and very comfy. The desings are cool too and you can pick from different colors and designs. They are good for people with wide-foot too, and hand-washable.

2) RockDove Memory Form Slippers

rockdove slipper

RockDove Slippers is very popular memory form slippers at Amazon.  Your foot get sweaty but it is machine-washable!

Finally, the YouGov Poll tells that less than half of the country ask the guests to remove shoes. People want to be a good host and respect guests’ preference. If you’re going to ask, it is better to provide indoor shoes or slipper socks etc for the guests. One of my friends said that she did not feel comfortable wearing indoor shoes that the host provided. She did not want to wear the same shoes that somebody else might have worn before. I understood the feeling. What can host do? The hos can tell all the guest that your house is no-shoes house in advance so that they can prepare. Also you the host can provide the washed (or new) socks or slippers for the guests.


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