Boot storage solution in the entryway and in a closet

by kaori

How do you store boots? I used to store boots in a shoe box that comes when I bought them. It was OK but became hard to know which boot is in the box when my family member and I owned more boots. Of course, you can always write what boot is in the box, but it is easy to mix up after re-writing names a few times in the same box. Also, I usually leave the boots at the entrance when I wear them often during winter. It was good since boots need to be dried, but what would you think if there are a few pairs of boots sitting around at the entrance?

I would recommend having boots rack at the entrance if you or your family wear boots often, maybe it could be only during winter or could be year around if you live in a cold/rainy environment.  If you don’t wear boots, or if you have boots that you don’t wear often I would recommend having some boots stored in a closet or garage.

By the way, according to Konmari, Bestselling Autour and Organizing Consultant, heavy shoes such as boots are better to be stored in lower shelves of the cabinets.

Boot rack

Whitmor 4-pair Boot Stand holds 4 pairs of long and short boots upright.  The good thing about this rack is that you can keep them at the entryway or move them to the closet to store boots if you do not wear boots often. The dimensions is  9.5″ x 29.5″ x 14.9″.

Household Essentials revolving shoe and boot rack: It is an interesting shoe rack. You can keep it in the entryway or bedroom. It holds six pairs of shoes and six boots.

mDesign boot storage and organizer rack: This simple metal rack can hold up to six pairs of boots.

Organize it all bamboo shoe rack:  This is made of durable carbonized bamboo. It can hold up to 6 pairs of shoes and up to 3 pairs of boots, and an umbrella holder is a great feature!

Bench with boot storage

Best Choice Products shoe storage organization bench: This bench has ten different cubbies and is good for both shoes and boots.

Velvet upholstered entryway bench with storage: This bench is sturdy with an upholstered velvet cushion and metal legs. You can pick from the pink, green or gray cushion.

Karcog shoe rack bench: : This bench gives industrial look by its rustic brown surface wood finish with metal frame.

HOOBRO shoe storage bench with padded cushion: The seat cushion of this bench is open for additional storage, and the shelf is adjustable.

Songmics bamboo shoe rack bench is also slim (34.3″”L x 11.0″”W x 17.7″”H) and good for store boots at the entryway.  Black and white is also available.

Boots hangar

Boot Butler boot storage rack:It can store five pairs of boots in one rod and fit long boots (up to kee high). The good thing about this is, unlike other clip type hanger, it does not leave the marks on the shoes.  The angle provides easy access to the boots too.

Boottique boot hanger: This is the basic boot hanger that you can hang boots in your closet.

Whitmor hanging boot file: It has clear plastic slots to hold 3 pairs of boots. Some reviews complain the boots fall out, so you may want to use boot shape before putting them inside.

Tall grey boot shapers: This boot shaper from the Container Store has an integrated hook to hang them on a closet rod.

Boots storage box

Container Store boot box: This is a clear plastic boots box to keep your boots visible while they’re being protected. Since it is a clear box you don’t need to write what shoes are in the box.  You can stack the boxes for efficiency or you can store them under the bed or garage, or even on the top shelf of your closet.

Whitmor 4 section underbed boot bag: This is made from cotton fabric, so don’t expect to hold the shoes like the one made from plastic. However, they protect shoes from dust at least.  You may want to put in some deodorant before storing the boots if you are storing them for a while.


Rack’em Boot Wader rack hangs shoes upside down, so it not only stores boots but also helps to dry them. It holds all styles and sizes, which is great for the whole family.  You can mount them anywhere,  near the entryway, garage or closet. You can choose from one to four pairs of boots rack.

GearDryer Wall Mount 12 and glove drier: This wall-mounted rack is for drying boots and gears, particularly ski boots. The fan blows air directly into the gear for quick drying. You could buy a freestanding base kit accessory separately if you want.

Toyfunny storage boot holder: This holder is not quite wall-mounted, it includes a sticker. It may not be strong enough to hold boots, but it is a very simple solution if you don’t want to drill the wall.

Other ways to store boots

Boot space saver: This boot holder adjusts to accommodate tall boots and has a place for a charcoal deodorizer that is sold separately.

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