Boot Tray at the Entrance or Mud Room

by kaori

Have you experienced leaving boots at the entrance after rain or snow, later discovering that the floor became wet and muddy? Actually, I have, and thought “I should have left it outside!”. Also, my kid loves to play in the mud and sand, so I often vacuum the entryway.

So how can we keep the entryway clean and dry? The solution is a shoe tray!  Cleaning a shoe tray is easier than cleaning the floor, and they are portable. We can bring the tray that has shoes on top to anywhere without dirt dropping off to the floor.

Boots tray by container store is reasonable and very sturdy. The size is 27-3/4″ x 14″.  Black or Translucent are available.

Medallion Boot Tray: If you need a style, Medallion Boot Tray could be the choice. The size is 30″L x 13″W x 2″H

Gardener’s supply company Large Boot Tray:  This tray is twice the length of the usual tray; the size is 46-1/2″ L x 15-1/2″.  This is good for multiple shoes but also good for bigger shoes.

Household Essentials Wet/Dry Bamboo Shoe Tray: This bamboo tray may not be the typical shoe tray. This slatted bamboo is very attractive, compared with other materials usually used on boot trays. Some kind of mat underneath the tray may be necessary if you use it indoors.  The size is 21 x 14 inches.

Copper corner boot/shoe Tray:  A corner tray makes most of the space! This tray is particularly attractive and versatile. You could put potted flowers on top too.

Hello Triangle Heavy Duty Flexible Rubber Boot Tray: It is more a rubber mat than a tray. But if you want a simple solution and use a corner, this could be a good choice.

Hole Punched Galvanized Steel Rolling Boot Tray:  This rolling shoe tray is convenient to move around but also very stylish! The copper color is also available.

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