Displaying sneaker collections at home

by kaori

Are you a sneakerhead? Do you collect sneakers? Or just have so many sneakers? If so it is time to think about the sneaker display at your home.  The good news is that you can store and display sneakers at the same time, even in a small apartment.   Here are some ideas that you can try!

Wall grid panels

One of the easy and cost-effective ways to display sneakers is using wall grids.  You can choose the number of shoes to be displayed, and change the arrangement.

So many different sizes of wall-mounted grids are available.  I would buy smaller grids and add additional ones later using gridwall connectors.  Don’t forget to buy shoe shelves such as flat acrylic shelves, metal wire shelves, and grid wall hooks to display sneakers!

Wall shelves

Another popular and reasonable solution to display sneakers is using Ikea shelves such as Ikea Lack.

Wall mount

Shoe & Hat Metal Wall Organization: This wall-mounted shelf gives a room an industrial look thank. The bottom shoe holder is conveniently adjustable for any shoe size, up to size 16. Brushed nickel or black colors are available.

mDesign Modern Metal Shoe Organizer Display & Storage Shelf Rack; As the manufacturer of this product says, shoes become wall art with this modern metal shoe rack!

Floating Shoe Shelves: This acrylic floating shoe display comes in small or large and is easy to mount to the wall.

CM-KAQOX shoe floating display shelf: This floating shoe display is made of strong metal wire. The 4.33” width and 10.82” length means that it is suitable for sizes 6-18 shoes.

Sneaker storage box

Displaying shoes with original shoe boxes with the brand name on it is a great way to show the shoes. But plastic or acrylic storage boxes show the inside and usually offer storage conditions.

Drop-front shoe box: This box is available in small, large, or extra large, and comes in several colors. But translucent is the one you can show off your shoe!

BOGO Side-drop box: This box comes with 2 Crates, and is stackable. magnetic side door makes it easy to open and close the door.

SOGOBOX shoe box: This box gives clear viewing 360 degrees! The side door with a magnet design has a handle for convenience.

Magnetic floating

Floating magnetic shoe display stand: This is truly unique and designed for those who love shoes. It uses a magnet to float the shoe and rotates 360 degrees. Also, built-in LED lamp illuminates the shoe.

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