Flip-flops storage solution: short-term and long-term!

by kaori

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It is summer!  I see people with flip-flops everywhere. I have only one or two flip-flops, so it is easy for me. When I don’t use it, I have them in a plastic bag and store it in the closet. I was wondering how people who have many flip-flops store them at home… Here are some ideas!

Box or bin

The best way to organize flip-flops is just to use a shoe box that comes when you buy shoes.  A few pairs would fit them. You can store the box in a closet, garage, shoe cabinet, or anywhere when you don’t use them. Personally, I don’t like to have boxes in a visible place/

Another option is to use a basket or a file box.

Clear box is a good option to see inside too.

mDesign stackable clear shoe box: This box has various sizes from small to extra large. You could fit a few in one box if you want.


Hanging flip-flops are another common ways to store them. Flip-flops tend to be dirtier so I would clean them before hanging them in the closet to avoid dirt on the floor and to avoid spreading dirt to other clothes.

The over-the-door type may be suitable if you have a door near the entrance so that you can put on them before you go out. Most common over-the-door hanging shoes storage is the one with clear pockets which can hold 12-36 pairs of shoes (check the details in this blog). However, there are hangers that designed for flip-flops.

Flip Flop Hanger By Boottique: This hanger can hook in your closet to store seven pairs of sandals or flip-flops.  The hook is metal, so it is more durable. There are different color variations you can choose.

Perfect Curve flip flop organizer: This hanger, which can hang up to 9 piairs of flip flops, can be attached over a door, in the closet or on a wall. It is made of plastic.

Storage bag

Wall hanging storage: this is made of natural straw material. Small and large size is avaliable.

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