Foldable Shoe Rack: Space saving and multi-function!

by kaori

Why do you want to have a foldable shoe rack?  It is because1) they are easy to carry or move 2) they require no or very simple assembly 3) they are multi-functional.  The distinctive design would be another reason!

Accordion-type foldable shoe rack

Maydear foldable bamboo shoe rack: This shoe rack is made of bamboo and 3 or 4 tier is available.

Zenree 4 tier shoe rack holder: This folding shoe rack, made from steel, can store 9-12 pairs of shoes.

Exy 4-tier storage shelf: This simple foldable shelf is made from metal. 3-tier white shelf is also available.

Storesmith collapsible 4-Tier bamboo shoe rack: You can pick from aqua, black, natural or walnut colors!

mDesign soft fabric shoe rack holder & organizer: This fabric shoe organizer has metal frame and has16 compartments.

Ladder-style foldable rack

Giantex 3-Tier folding wooden plant stand:  This stand is sold as a flower stand but I like it to have an outside shoe rack. 

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