Freestanding fabric shoe storage: reasonable and of great capacity

by kaori

When you think about fabric shoe storage, you may think about hanging shoe storage or under-bed shoe storage. But, in this blog, I introduce a freestanding fabric shoe cubby and stackable box.  The reason for that?  They are reasonable, portable, versatile and of great capacity!  I think a fabric shoe cubby is a good option for people who don’t want to spend money on a shoe rack, but owns a lot of shoes, or who are moving often.


Simple Houseware shoe rack storage organizer: This is very basic shoe storage, which holds 12 to 20 pairs of shoes. The shelf is washable, and the metal frame makes it studier. 3-tier or 6-tier version is available too.

Better Homes & Gardens Charleston Collection Shoe Organizer : This basic fabric shoe cubby can hold 16 shoes.

STORAGE MANIAC vertical tall shoe rack organizer: This organizer has eight pockets for flat shoes, two pockets for boots, sixteen side pockets and top rack in such a small frame!

Neatfreak sport utility storage bin: The curved bin shape of the three shelves makes it ideal for storing shoes and other items such as sporting goods.

Household Essentials boot organizer with adjustable pockets: This boot storage rack can be changed to store a) 6 tall boots or b) 3 tall boots and 9 pairs of shoes or c) 3 tall boots and 3 mid-calf boots, and 3 shoes. The changes in shelf configuration are held in place with snaps. 

With roll-down cover

10-tier shoe rack with dustproof cover: The shelf is removable, so you can configure the shelves depending on what shoes/boots you want to store. Side pockets are plus features that store additional items. Different colors are available.

Simplify stackable shoe organizer with cover: This stackable shoe rack has 16 individual compartments and a roll-down cover.   The black and gray color looks great. 

With drawers

MadiMax 3-tiers closet shelf organizer: This shoe rack has three shelves and comes with two fabric drawers.


Organize It All shoe storage bench: This bench contains 18 individual cubbies. This is made of a metal frame,  canvas cushion, and canvas cubbies. The size is 17.4 x 39.5 x 22.2 inches

Box bin (stackable)

Grey Drop-Front shoe box: This shoebox’s exterior is covered in soft fabric. You can see inside through a clear plastic drop-front door with magnetic closure.

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