Shoe covers for visitors: disposable and reusable

by kaori

Do you ask your house visitors to remove their shoes? Recently most service providers who come to the house, such as plumbers and electricians, bring their covers, but still not all the time. Then, how about the house guests? You could offer slippers, but some don’t like to wear slippers someone else may have put on before. So, it is good to have shoe covers in handy so that you can offer shoe covers to the people coming into the house.


I provide disposable shoe covers for those who come inside my house. They often did not fit the man who wears safety shoes in particular. So I would suggest buying larger covers.

G&F Products Premium Disposable Polypropylene Boot/Shoe Covers, X-Large: This set includes 100 packs. Most reviewers are satisfied with the product.

If you want to have a lot of guests, you could use a shoe cover dispenser


This foldable shoe cover holder is nice because it has “Please cover or remove your shoes” sign on it. You can provide shoe covers, socks, or slippers inside it.


Reusable Step in Shoe Cover: This cover is called “step-in” because the pressure of your feet when stepped in will help the covers to fasten the grip around the shoes. Check to see how it works on the website! Color choices are available.

Waterproof shoe covers: These shoe covers, made of nylon, fit shoes up to Men’s size 10.

Waterproof Rainproof shoe covers: This shoe covers are made of silicon.

Unique Bargains Unisex Waterproof Reusable Rain Shoe Covers Ankle high top Boots:This is made of PVC with a reinforced nonslip rubber bottom. There are various sizes (from S to XXXL).

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