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by kaori

Do you love shoes? Do you have many beautiful high heels? If you use a shoe display wardrobe, you appreciate your collection and you can show off of course! Displaying shoe also encourages you to clean the shoes and organize the shoe rack. I choose the wardrobes with WOW factor, also some reasonable display cabinets too.

21st Century classical shoe rack by Modenese Gastone Interiors: This shoe rack in walnut finish is by the Italian producer Modenese Gastone Interiors. It can hold up to 40 pairs of shoes. The gold leaf finishes on the wood panel is very beautiful.

21st Century Baroque-Inspired shoe rack: This solid wood shoe rack is finished in white lacquered. It had two doors and one drawer on top, and designed in Italy.

Silverlake Village shoe storage cabinet: The doors of this cabinet feature a chevron pattern. IT include boot storage and LED display lights.

Eclipse Poplar Wood footwear cabinet: This shoe cabinet is made of Poplar wood and has 20 shelves and two boots storage. It also has LED display lighting.

Legacy Classic Highline Bunching glass display cabinet: A display cabinet is usually not advertised to display shoes, but it is a perfect option for displaying shoes. I like this cabinet because it has drawers inside and its wide width allows for more shoe display.

1950s Ornamental Wrought Iron Haberdashery shoe display shelf: This well-crafted retail shoe stand, crafted in 1950s, is sculpted with a vine motif on the sides and has velvet-covered wood shelves with thin Lucite heal stops.

You don’t need to spend tons of money to display shoes. Here are some reasonable options.

White and Clear Curio cabinet with 4 glass shelves: This cabinet make the room look spacier because of its four-sided glass design.

Premium stacking shoe bin: This stacking shoe bin is great if you don’t have space for a big shoe cabinet. You can combine a regular staking shoe bin too.

To make the display fancier, you could use Shoe Risers such as the ones below that are usually used at the retail store or trade show. (#1: shoe risers, #2: High heel riser.  #3: Z shaped riser )

1) Shoe riser
2) high heel riser
3) Z-shaped riser
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